Five Perfect Date Night Ideas

I thought I would put together 5 date night ideas for some inspiration on the next time your stuck on what to do for an evening! These are all things that I have done previously and really enjoyed. Remember you can do all of these with your besties as well as your boyfriend/girlfriend! 

Spa Getaway

Nothing beats shutting down for an evening/weekend, completely taking yourself away from work/daily life stress and completely relaxing.. and I mean seriously relaxing. Me and Karl have done a weekend like this and it was honestly lush, I've never felt so relaxed and de-stressed. Literally just pamper yourself with the treatments on offer, relax by the pool and get lost in a good book and take full advantage of the steam room. In the evening run yourself a nice bubble bath, shove a film on and order in a Dominos! We did this on one of the evenings as it was so much more chilled with no rushing around to get ready and get out to a meal booking - and that was the last thing we wanted to be doing after how relaxed we had been all day!

Sketchley Grange Hotel and Spa


I think this is a classic but this is one date I always enjoy - probably for the pure fact I love food haha.  This allows you to spend some quality time together, enjoy good food without all the cooking and washing up, and just enjoy each others company. You can spend the evening chatting, laughing and sipping cocktails. I must add if you're ever up Hinckley way I would highly recommend the restaurant below.

Barnacles Restaurant and Bar Bistro

Pizza making and Movie Marathon

This is another personal favourite as I do love a good film - and pizza! Pizza making will allow you to have fun together, whether they turn out absolutely amazing or a complete disaster its all about enjoying yourself. If they do fail to a level where they are not edible just laugh it off and order one in. Once you've made your pizzas grab all your fave movies or download some online and just spend the night on the sofa. You could even make a cosy little den out of pillows and duvets, we have done this before it was so cosy that we ended up waking up at 7am in the same place. On this occasion we left it a little late in the day and managed to pick up this kit including dough mix, oregano, and tomato sauce all for £1 from Tesco. 

We didn't make the garlic bread!

Yes I do love a good girly film!


There may be a film out that your dying to see or if you're into shows (theatre/concert etc.) you could see if theres any you fancy watching. I would recommend a comedy show as sometimes you just need a good laugh! We recently went to see the Impractical Jokers at the 02 and it was absolutely brilliant. One thing I really want to do is go to an outdoor cinema, they look so cool and cosy!

Cheese and Wine night

This one had to be in my top 5 date ideas as its one thats close to my heart lol. I love wine and I love cheese so put the two together and I've got my dream evening. You can put some music on in the background and just relax and chat or whatever you fancy - maybe a game of cards! You could even add some cocktails into your evening and make your own (my personal fave is a Pornstar Martini). If you are going to become a professional cocktail maker for the evening preferably do it when you don't have work the next day haha.

Thanks for reading!

Imogen xxx


  1. It's so nice to have a spa getaway - we stayed at a hotel in Bath with a really small spa for a few nights and to spend a few hours each afternoon on loungers reading magazines and sitting in the jacuzzi was lovely. We're definitely going to do it again x


    1. Ah that sounds so lovely.. they really are the best aren't they? So relaxing and the perfect way to unwind. I can't wait till I can book another! I would also really love to visit Bath! xxx


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